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Sam Mhanna

CEO & Founder

20 years experience in people and operating know-how to manage large teams to successful conclusions

20 years experience in people and operating know-how to manage large teams to successful conclusions. Ability, energy and resourcefulness to design and build value-added products and processes from scratch.


Perception to identify an initiative to investigate fresh product-service opportunities to fill market voids. Cash-conscious, whole-spectrum, hands-on knowledge of restaurant, green home construction and engineering businesses. Verbal, reporting and financial skills to analyze, measure, develop and present compelling business cases. 


Walid Elgazzar

Business Development

10 years experience in solving problems at the interface of energy, economics & sustainability

Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in solving problems at the interface of energy, economics

and sustainability. MA Economics & BSc Industrial Engineering. Fluent in English and French.


David Morroni

Building Systems Engineer

Specializes in residential building energy models, HVAC design, and detailed data analysis.

I’m a building systems engineer who specializes in using powerful data analysis tools such as MATLAB or Python in tandem with building energy models for all types of research projects. I also have project and industry experience in HVAC system design. I’ve successfully completed projects creating specialized residential building energy models automatically, analyzing complex façade control with machine learning, and others. I enjoy solving complex problems and appreciate any way I can save energy use through my work. When I’m not working, you can typically find me climbing or cycling in the nearest mountain I can find.


Toplicineau Tudor

Mechanical Design Engineer

Ex-Renault & Airbus  engineer, passionate integrating technical & visual design.

I'm passionate about marrying Mechanical Design Engineering with Product Design while simultaneously respecting all manufacturing and assembly requirements. It's a delicate balance, and when done right, it translates to reduced production costs, less mistakes and a happy team of engineers. 

In my free time, I love to do things that can give me some adrenaline, like sports, adventure, climbing mountains, and spending as much time as possible as I can with my friends while doing this.


Neel Oza

Senior Firmware Engineer

7 years experience in the design and testing of software systems.

Experienced Senior Firmware Engineer adept at bringing forth expertise in design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. Have a diverse skillset making me very proficient in multiple development platforms, software languages, and embedded systems.

In my free time, I enjoy lots of traveling, watching a good movie and mostly playing my violin. 


Nguyen Thanh Tung

PCB Systems Designer

Electrical Engineer with 7 years experience in designing electronic systems

7 years experience in designing electronic systems, high speed board, and performing numerous simulations and analysis for different parts of a project. 

Skillful with Cadence’s software (Allegro, Orcad, HDL concept); Altium (schematic, PCB); PAD (Pad logic, PAD layout); Eagle (schematic, PCB).

In my spare time, I enjoy soccer, a good game of chess, and listening to my favourite bands. 

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